Bishop Kisembo Cautions Government Against Harassing Opposition

By Peter AbanabasaziĀ 

Rev. Reuben Kisembo, the Bishop of Rwenzori Diocese warned the ruling NRM government against harassing opposition members as the country prepares for the 2021 general elections.

Bishop Kisembo says there is need for the opposition members to be given a platform to express their political ideology since Uganda is a multiparty dispensation.

In his sermon during the thanksgiving service of Bunyoro Kitara diocese Bishop Samuel Kahuma and wife Maama Sarah at St Peterā€™s Cathedral Duhaga on Sunday, Rev. Kisembo accused a section of NRM members of harassing the opposition.

He notes that if the NRM feels it cannot respect the rights of political opponents, they should amend the constitution to have a single party.

Kisembo warned political aspirants against voter bribery adding that the vice is breeds incompetent and bad leaders. He also cautioned voters against being beggars adding that begging from politicians has contributed to voter bribery.

He also expressed concern over the increasing corruption among duty bearers because of the need to acquire wealth fast saying this has left the local person in dismay.

However, Moses Byaruhanga the Presidential advisor on political affairs disagreed with Bishop Kisembo saying there is need for the opposition to observe the law to ensure Co-existence.

David Karubanga, the State Minister for Public Service and MP Kigorobya County said fighting corruption is not an individual effort and challenged religious leaders to join the fight against corruption by teaching morals to their followers

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