Tik Hotel Staff in Hoima Protest Dismissal

By Peter Abanabasazi

The director of Tik hotel in Hoima town Abdul Maliki Mugisa has Saturday morning clashed with his employees over what the workers termed as unlawful dismissal.

The 17 workers who included cleaners, cooks and waiters are accusing Maliki Mugisa ofillegally dismissal.

Some of the affected workers have told Spice FM that one week ago, Mugisa asked all staff to reapply for their jobs, but they were surprised when today morning he refused them to access the hotel premises as well as sign in for work.

The angry workers shouted at Mugisa saying by declining them to sign in the work register meant that he had indirectly fired them.

The workers tasked Mugisa to pay them for the ten days they have worked in January and vowed not to leave the hotel premises until they are paid.

However, Maliki denied the allegation of dismissing the workers adding that recently, the company demanded the workers to reapply before renewing their contracts but some refused.

He says no worker is demanding the company any coin adding that the policies of the company will not be compromised and asked them to adhere with rules and guidelines.

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