ANDREW KAAHWA MEGGA. Megga is the Station manager Spice FM.  Even before the cock crows, Megga is up and awake. With people calling in from all over the place to share, first hand, their experiences from the night, dreams they had, surprise birthday call and give their views on current affairs, as he takes you through the Morning Delight Show. Megga builds a spirit of self Esteem among listeners. Entrust him with your entertainment needs and he surely will deliver.


A highly motivated and hardworking individual, Jacque presents Kalitango –Busy Zone from 10.00am – 1:00pm.

Jacque is a God-fearing woman. She is a free spirit, more like what you see is what you get – take it or leave it.  She loves to laugh and joke away. She can sometimes be skeptical and self-aware, sometimes too cautious about herself, and quite concerned about her appearance.

Jacque is a lover of beauty, very trusting and loves to sing, swim, read, watch movies and party. She may come off as tough and quiet but she is friendly so all you have to do is say, “hello” and you will get a good conversation going. You only need to catch her on Countdown every Saturday from Midday to 2pm to find out.


BYENKYA FRED (aka Fredo)

His experience of 15yrs of radio work helps him cut across all ages when it comes to entertaining. Your weekday commute back home is not complete without his show Hot Spice @Spice. Whether you are in a taxi or driving your own car home, or even hitching a ride, you won’t feel the long distance home. Even when it comes to women home preparing dinner, they will do it with joy.  Freddo keeps you company, from 5pm when you sneak out of office before time to 7pm. He believes in self reliance. On Saturday, Freddo moderates the Spice Parliament show which is a political, economical and social talk show.



Just like his name, Happy is a naturally happy person and always wants to make people around him happy. Some people say he is funny but he believes he is just a happy and God fearing man. He is the best football comentetor in Bunyoro region. Happy  loves sports, so much, sometimes it scares him. For real. He watches a lot of sport, both on TV and the games on the local scene. Basically his life is incomplete without sports.



Presents Spice Cruise 1:00pm-4:00pm Monday-Friday. On the whole though, Uncle Snow is humorous, kind and one who empathsises with people. He takes every listener through lunch hours with entertaining music ranging from local, slow, western and classical. Behind the mic you cant be bored by his sense of humor. Am sure he gives the best when it comes to Celebrity gossip.


Performance, resilience, steadfastness, teamwork and endurance drive Leilah’s day. Leilah heads the Editorial department. She values truth, objectivity, clarity and commitment while excuting her duties.

What you didnt know about her, is she loves watching series, cooking, baking cakes and looking after children.

She is obsessed about keeping her children look excellent. Her favourite food is g.nut sauce and Matooke. If she were food, she would want to be roasted g.nuts, crunchy and tasty. The lady is also obsessed with g.nuts!



Vincent is a well known reporter within Bunyoro region. For any case he reports on, he balances it with extra care.


A Diploma holder in Journalism, Peter is passionate about political stories.he writes much about stories that unearth corruption in different offices and community leadership circles. He files his stories after real balancing without fear or favor. Crime stories capture his sharp curiosity. He is an analyst in the news round up program.


So you started the weekend in earnest? Well, whether you slept in or are just getting back home from a Friday night that spilt into Saturday morning, Godfrey has got the best music for you between 6-9am every Saturday with the Semererwa na’Weekend Program.


Holds Diploma In Journalism, Bosco is a senior reporter at Spice FM. With over six years of experience, Bosco moderates rural community debates. he also heads The News Hour program at 8:00pm Monday-Friday.




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